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Love. Seeking it. Finding it. Holding on to it. And sometimes losing it.  Isn’t that what so much of life is really about?

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On Monday, October 18 at 7 pm (Eastern Time)

Join us for a heartwarming discussion of The Endless Path with the author! The book club will meet via Zoom on Monday, October 18th at 7 pm ET. The event is free and all are welcome — both those who have already read the book and those who are interested in learning about it.

We invite you to share your experiences of life with your heart dog, how you and your dog communicate, and how you care for an elderly dog. You can also ask Laurie anything you want to know about the book!

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The Endless Path chronicles the extraordinary journey of two soul mates who overcame almost insurmountable odds to find each other, love each other unconditionally, and to stay together as long as they possibly could.

It is the story of Gunny and me. Gunny was a chocolate Labrador retriever and I am a person, but those are just the forms that our souls took this time around. You’ve never read a memoir quite like this one because Gunny was not only a dog, but also my co-author. He was able to write his part with the help of his gifted animal communicator, Alexandra, who could hear him quite clearly. The book traces our life together from when Gunny and I met, until his death at almost fifteen years old, and beyond.

The Endless Path follows our lives together around the world, how we changed each other, and his struggles to survive rare illnesses time and time again. It is knowing the edge of death that deepened Gunny’s commitment to life —and his reflections on life, love, relationships, and what it all means are astonishing. Gunny tells us the story of his life, his past lives, and incredibly, about the soul pact that he and I had made long ago.

While there is adventure, laughter, and tears along The Endless Path, in the end, it is about love and all the amazing things that it can accomplish.


Gunny in his own words

I hope this [book] will inspire people. I like to think that this could be a start of the human race understanding the animal kingdom. I hope people will read this to their dogs and cats and horses so they know they have a voice. They can actually be heard. They can communicate their thoughts and feelings.

We are all of us alive and are all connected to the same consciousness. Life is life, souls are souls.

— Ganimedes

Some quotes from Gunny

Gunny and Laurie

I know we have walked this walk together so many times. Why is letting go so difficult? Not just for you but for me also. I have to be honest about that. It hasn’t only been your need for me to stay but mine also because I keep finding a new surprise around every corner in this amazing life I share with you. We both have a choice, a say in our future together or apart. But I believe as before we are still held together by mutual love and will find each other again in the mist of eternity.

— Ganimedes

I saw there were these beings full of beautiful light and some had wings. I had seen similar creatures before in Spain. I heard Alexandra mention ‘guardian angels’ and then one of them spoke to me in a soothing musical voice and I felt something I had never felt before. There was a flood of emotion inside me and I wondered why I hadn’t noticed before. Was it just time for me to know of their existence? I just knew I wanted this creature of light, this angel, to stay by my side. She sings to me sometimes and tells me not to worry. Laurie is my guardian angel in the flesh, the pink lady my spirit guide.

— Ganimedes

You asked, ‘What is life’s purpose as I see it?’ Interesting question. One thought up by someone other than a dog.

Some dogs are given tasks to do, some are trained for their owners to command, some dogs are given the job of companionship, some are mistreated and neglected, some take off on their own or try to. I would imagine the answer would be very subjective but I want to think about why dogs are so loyal to their companions, especially when mistreated. Does it go beyond necessity? I know in my case (I’m not mistreated) it is partly because of instinct and partly because of an internal mutual attraction and need to love and be loved.

— Ganimedes

Humans are complicated. Most animals are not. Maybe it’s because animals don’t pretend to be something they’re not. They don’t have hidden agendas and their basic desires are known. They are honest. They have no reason to lie. A predator is a predator. Humans may say one thing and mean another. We all have to find a way to survive, but animals have a clearer connection to the earth than most people have. They are aware of its heart, its pulse. They know when they are in sync or out of balance with nature. Of course most dogs are not in the kill-or-be-killed category but they are still able to communicate with their hearts and their minds. What’s interesting to me is humans are evolving or not because of will and choice. Animals are evolving also. They have lost something also.

— Ganimedes

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